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Treasure Island Wines

Treasure Island Wines® is a Unique Urban Winery Collective where there is no “attitude.” Founded in 2007 by the Mirowski Brothers, Treasure Island Wines was the first urban winery and tasting room on Treasure Island which formerly served as a US Naval Base on San Francisco Bay. We designed our winery to create a sanctuary where we could produce affordable small batch artisanal wines and invite like-minded winemakers to join the synergy.

TIW History

With over 200,000 people crossing the I-80 “Bay Bridge” connecting San Francisco to the East Bay every day, most drivers scarcely give a second thought to the exit in the middle of the Bridge. Treasure Island, a low-lying man made isle situated just east of the San Francisco and linked to Yerba Buena Island. Palm trees are set in a silhouetted rows offset by Art-Deco buildings many of which were built for the 1938 World’s Fair. Later it served the Pan Am Clipper ships to Asia, and then a Naval base created during WWII and closing in 1997 to become part of San Francisco.

Paul & James Mirowski started making wines in quantity in or about 1999. Their original wines were produced at a friends’ “pig barn” in Ramona, California which we called the “Swinery”® as part of “Casa No Comprende, Inc.”® Over the years, the quantity and number of varietals expanded as the Mirowski Brothers sharpened their wine making skills. In or about 1997, the Mirowskis’ moved their wine production to the San Francisco area. In 2007, Treasure Island Wines® (also “TIW”) was born.

TIW is the original urban winery conveniently located on Treasure Island, off the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland where we perform all phases of wine production. TIW was founded with the philosophy of creating a unique winery where skilled winemakers could craft affordable small batch artisan wines minus the Napa “attitude.” We source the finest grapes and practice old world techniques married with modern innovation to produce first-class artisan wines. Treasure Island’s year-round naturally cool microclimate provides an ideal environment for wine making. TIW’s wines are nurtured to perfection in small batches by our winemakers who often pour their wines on-site at our unique tasting room and who love to provide our guests insights into our wines while enjoying wine-food pairings, barrel tastings, at TIW’s picnic grounds, and special events. In this way, TIW provides our guests with a truly authentic and personal wine tasting experience without the “attitude” and without the long drive to Napa or Sonoma.

TIW is available for private Corporate and Personal Events in addition to TIW’s numerous annual and special events. The public is welcome during tasting room hours and by appointment with plenty of free parking. We are open Saturdays and Sundays 1-5 PM and by appointment.

The TIW Crew

James Mirowski
James Mirowski
Paul Mirowski
Paul Mirowski
Danny Sullivan

Jim Mirowski (Top) Co- Founder and Winemaker. James, a SF Bay Area local, has over 20 years of artisan wine making experience and has studied master wine making at UC Davis. He has his BA from UC Berkeley, and his MBA from University of Washington in addition to 15+ years of experience as a business development executive in the information security space.

Paul Mirowski (Middle) Co-founder, winemaker and TIW consigliori, began making wine in the 1999 at the “Swinery”® with James before they moved the business to San Francisco. “Pablo” also practices as an attorney in San Diego with expertise in many areas including wine law, business and entertainment law. Paul received his BS from Michigan State University and in 1982, earned his JD from the University of San Francisco. Also, known as an accomplished musician who has performed in bands and has published an album of original music (Species – Of Questionable Origins).

Danny Sullivan (Bottom)is a winemaker, TIW’s Assistant Winemaker and genius chemist and sommelier. Danny holds a BS in Viticulture from University of California, Davis and in his spare time an Expert Ski Instructor at Squaw Valley.

A Unique Urban Winery Collective

Treasure Island Wines® (also “TIW”) is the original urban winery on Treasure Island, where we perform all phases of winery production on-site. TIW believes in the synergy obtained from other winemakers who share our philosophy of making affordable luxury artisan wines. Accordingly, TIW hosts other small batch wine makers (our “Wine Partners”) who bring their insights, knowledge, creativity and styles to the TIW Collective. In this way, we continue to evolve and advance our own knowledge and recharge our creative juices. Our goal is to produce the highest quality wines to sell at affordable prices.

Current Hosted Winery Partners

Alluvial Wines
Just Enough Wine Company
Sandar and Hem
William Lane Wines

You can find us at:

995 Ninth Street & Ave I, Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA 94130

Open for tasting Sat-Sun: 1pm – 5pm