The Original Treasure Island Winery & Tasting Room

An Unique Urban Winery Collective Where Attitude is Past Tense

Founded in 2007 Treasure Island Wines® is the first operational urban winery and tasting room on the former US Naval Base in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Our goal was is to create a place where skilled winemakers craft small batch artisan wines.

TI Wines’ bonded winery production and storage facility offers a full and flexible range of services to accommodate the needs of serious, dedicated winemakers including an intimate tasting, sales and events area to showcase their wines to the public.

TI Wines' unique and convenient facility is on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, centrally located between the Sonoma, Napa, Sierra Foothills, Monterey and Central Coast grape growing regions. Situated in the middle of the Bay, Treasure Island offers an ideal geographic location for wine production, storage and pre-destination staging. In addition, Treasure Island's year-round naturally cool and humid micro-climate, the location provides an ideal low carbon impact environment for wine making. With its perfect environment and easy access, our winery provides our team not only the flexibility to fulfill their practical needs but to realize their wine making creativity with a green conscience.

We welcome the public during tasting room hours and by appointment. Come meet the winemakers who are eager to share their wines and knowledge with you. While you’re here, you can also experience the best views of San Francisco and Bay Area and some of the unique history of Treasure Island.

Partner Wineries

Treasure Island Wines hosts several winemakers that share our facility our facility and our passion for small-batch artisanal winemaking.
Our Partner Wineries include:


Divergent Vines, LLC

Company Profile

The Crew

Jim Mirowski (Top)Co- Founder and Winemaker. James, a SF Bay Area local, has over 15 years of artisan wine making experience and has studied master wine making at UC Davis. He has his BA from UC Berkeley, and his MBA from University of Washington and 15+ years of experience as a business development executive in the information security space.

Paul Mirowski (Bottom) Co-founder and Legal Counsel Paul (James' Brother) is an attorney in San Diego with expertise in many areas including entertainment, business litigation and wine law. Paul has his JD from the University of San Francisco. Also, he is an accomplished musician who plays in his own band. 

One Page Press Sheet

History of Treasure Island

TI has seen many changes over the years

With over 200,000 people crossing the Bay Bridge connecting Oakland and San Francisco every day, most drivers scarcely give a second thought to the exit in the middle of the Bridge. Treasure Island, a low-lying man made isle situated just east of the Golden Gate Bridge and linked to Yerba Buena Island is clearly visible from San Francisco, Berkeley, Marin and Richmond. Palm trees in a silhouetted row set off massive white buildings, dwarfed by the towering silver Bay Bridge marching across the water towards Oakland. The island has a fascinating history, starting with the World's Fair in 1938, the base for the Pan Am Clipper ships to Asia, and later a Naval base during WWII and closing only in 1997.

One of the best histories of the island we found was put together by our friends who put on the annual Treasure Island Music Festival. Please pay special attention to the Worlds Fair section description of The Sally Rand Ranch. Our winery is located on the site where people attending the Fair went to have some adult fun after a long day. Another good resource historical information is the Treasure Island Museum Association website